Elephant Experiences

During the last years the attitude towards elephant riding has changed and now most of the camps organising animal friendly feed/bath/play programs. Yet it has to be remembered, that the relationship to animals in Asia is a different one, compared to western countries and in former times elephants were used as working animals and even served in the Thai Army.

For a good and ethically positive experience we can recommend the following camps:

Baan Chang Elephant Park

Bamboo Elephant Family Care

Blue Daily Elephant Care

Chang Thai Heritage

Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary

Dumbo Elephant Spa

Elephant Family Care

Elephant Family Sanctuary

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Elephant Mountain Park

Elephant Nature Park

Elephant Retirement Park

Hug Elephant Sanctuary

Johnny Boy Elephant Sanctuary

Mae Rim Elephant Sanctuary

Pattara Elephant Farm

Ran-Tong Elephant


Toto's Elephant Sanctuary (Training)

Woody's Elephant Home (Training)